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Tired of the Bumpy Night?

Turner Classic Movies started their 31 Days of Oscar last night. It’s a welcome escape from the reality TV show we all seemed to be trapped in these days.

Alice and I watched All About Eve, which neither of us had never seen before. My mother used to do a Bette Davis impersonation that thrilled everyone except me. Before age six, I lacked cinematic sophistication. That, and Mom’s performance was more Baby Jane Hudson than Margo Channing.

Some of the best evenings of our marriage have been spent watching TCM. Last year, Alice and I saw Breaking Away while I made French Onion soup. We kept pausing the DVR to make jokes, marvel at 70s wardrobe and broil more soup.

If I had a recording of us that night, I’d watch it at least once a year. A great performance never grows old.

“What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Mom could have been an actress. When she committed to a role, it was total. Joyce was a hoot and a half, friends.

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