“Very Unfair!” Said the Man Who Unexpectedly Won.


President Elect Trump and many of his supporters can’t understand why some people are protesting. Maybe this will help.

When hate groups are cheering, decent people start worrying.

His administration won’t be that bad, I’ve been told.

What can I say? Bigotry and racism are as serious to some people as The War on Christmas is to others. In this case, instead of being callously subjected to “Happy Holidays!” in lieu of “Merry Christmas!” The War is actual violence. Plus, social, economic, and criminal injustice. With bullying. And casual assholery.

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8 Potential Disasters Resulting From a Trump Administration.

  1. He signs into law tax breaks for the rich and super rich that adds trillions to the nation debt.
  2. After a terrorist attack, he invades a country that had nothing to do with the incident.
  3. The housing market collapses and foreclosures soar.
  4. The unemployment rate increases by 86 percent while in office.
  5. During his administration, the stock market tanks: S&P 500 -40 percent, Dow Jones Industrial -25 percent, NASDAQ -48 percent.
  6. The Vice President of the United States shoots a man in the face and gets away with it.
  7. He signs budgets with trillion dollar deficits and scolds the Congress for being fiscally irresponsible.
  8. Trying to put his incompetent administration behind them, the nation completely forgets just how abysmal he was as President, and a mere eight years later elects another ill-prepared, tough-talking jackwad to the White House.

Yep. Still not over 2016. For heaven’s sake, vote for the Dems.