More football she asked

in creative writing journal

“More football?” she asked. “Sorry, dear.”

Today, I’ll watch both football games and not cheer for any particular team. As an embittered Lions fan, I hope they all lose. As desirable as this outcome may be, I know it’s an unrealistic dream, but that’s exactly what being a Lions fan is all about.

If I had to pick any dog in the hunt, it would be the Steelers, mostly because Terry Bradshaw did such a stand-up job as Sherman in Hooper. I’d like to see Tom Brady try to hang on screen with the likes of G.O.A.T. Burt Reynolds in his chemically-enhanced prime.

I have many reasons I could politely cheer for the Packers—half Yooper DNA, the Milwaukee VA Hospital, the Mars Cheese Castle—but until I can buy Spotted Cow beer in in southeast Michigan, my heart is closed to you, Wisconsin.

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