Great Meeting!

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Great meeting! There’s Mr. Pita in the break room.

The above is a page of my notes from a meeting that took place nearly twelve years ago. We worked many weekends on that campaign. Suntory times!

If you want to know what it’s like to work in an advertising agency on a big-time pitch, just imagine yourself in a windowless conference room on a gorgeous spring Saturday being told “no!” 10,891 times while sitting next to a Mayonnaise and Bermuda Onion scented candle.

Longest-lasting grudges on the road today.

Yeah, yeah—it still beats sweating for a living. I am not a complete idiot. It’s just that I have feelings, too (they’re around here somewhere).

My dream alternate occupation is UPS driver. People are almost always happy to receive a package, even if they’re expecting it or it’s just dog toys. And I got the calves for those shorts. No brag, just fact.

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