Day One of Getting After It

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Day One of Getting After It 2017.

It was very foggy when I walked the dogs last night. It felt like being in an episode of “Outlander” except the ground was flat and my kilt was period-incorrect (it’s from the Rowdy Roddy Piper collection).

Yesterday was Day One of Getting Back After It 2017. I had booked 10,000 steps a day 35 days straight, a personal best, before missing my daily mark because of sickness last week.

Stupid streaks, check lists, points of pride help me stay productive. On this blog, I’ve posted something every day for over 30 days straight, and believe you me, I wouldn’t have made it this far—even with five-minute shitty posts—without having a simple goal.

Another silly goal this year—no pizza, no hamburgers, no Sausage McMuffins. This is the equivalent of my dad swearing off pork chops, pasties and coffee cake.

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