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Comic Book Writer’s Shack

A couple of Fridays ago, my regular writers’ group was canceled, which gave me an opportunity to crash my friend Billy’s comic book writers’ group. Billy is working on a sci-fi adventure that’s super HUSH HUSH. I promise to tell you more when I can.

Billy has the swankest writing shack I’ve seen in person. I just want to break out my laptop and start writing whenever I’m there.

If you’ve never done a Google Image search on writer’s shack, then that should be your next stop on the Internet. It’s “Tiny House Nation” for people who don’t watch television.

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The Village Lamp Shop

Billy runs the Village Lamp Shop in Rochester. If you are looking for repairs for antique or modern lamps, give him a call. Billy and his brother, Jim, also have a lot of knowledge on mid-century lighting and Tiki culture. The store also carries a wide range of lamps and gifts as well as their own lighting creations, including some items available on Etsy.

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