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6 Ways To Kill Time This Week.


”Hubble 25. A Quarter-Century of Discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope. “

If you’re one of those cranks that think our government can’t do anything right, check out “Hubble 25. A Quarter-Century of Discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope.” This massive pdf from NASA has amazing photos from the Hubble Space telescope — like the Omega Centauri globular cluster of stars shown above — and a history of its mission. It’s also free (unless you count your tax dollars).

”The 25 Most Important American Craft Beers Ever Brewed“

If you like craft beer, you will love this from Food & Wine. Or absolutely hate it because your palate is so much more sophisticated than everyone else’s. “The 25 Most Important American Craft Beers Ever Brewed.” I won’t argue with #1. 

“Is the Competitive Bridge World Rife With Cheaters?”

You don’t need to know how to play the game to be fascinated with a cheating scandal that rocked the competitive Bridge world (Vanity Fair magazine). I had no idea there was that much money in the game.


“Ten Meter Tower”

Certainly not the first to post a link to this. Can you stand watching a video from The New York Times? I love the editing and videography —simple, beautiful. Watch it in full screen.

“24 & ready to die”

The Economist magazine does great short documentaries. This one grabbed me, but ah um yeah, not exactly a pick me up. Damn hard to stop watching, though.

“Join Us For Bridge With Shaw Taylor”

I love card games. After reading the Vanity Fair article listed above, I started Googling about bridge, found this video and couldn’t stop watching. It has the best interior dialogue of any tutorial ever, and Amanda, the woman with the short hair, reminds me of a lovely cross between Joyce DeWitt and the lead hen from “Chicken Run.” One heart!

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