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Trump’s Inauguration Day—How Limited Patience for Antics Will Save the Republic.

I’m not happy about today’s inauguration. Surprise! But I don’t want to whine about the lost election. I want to look to the future.

My lefty friends, if you want a preview of how all this nitwit, Tea Party politics will end, look at Troy, Michigan.

Make Suburbia Great Again.

A few years back, the town nearly closed its library because of anti-millage campaigns by fiscal hardliners (Troy Citizens United, now there’s a name with brand value). The third millage passed, but only after being shamed into it by a satirical book burning ad campaign by Leo Burnett.

Soon after, the city elected Janice Daniels mayor. You may remember her—she made national news after reporters found she had posted homophobic slurs on Facebook. Eventually Daniels was recalled, but not before making news again and again for highly politicized moves and costly governing mistakes.

Now it’s a Bohemian utopia, right?

Not quite. The town was conservative before all this and it’s conservative today. L. Brooks Patterson hasn’t had to buy a drink in this town in four decades, and never will.

The difference is, people around here don’t have patience for hyper-partisan politics anymore. Citizens are tired of looking like fools. They have lost all forbearance for kookery and have started to vote that way, at least on the local level.

We will probably go through this same process nationally. I hope it only takes us two years to figure out there is a better way, but four years seems more likely.

Heaven help us all if it takes eight.

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