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The whole animal (what I’ve gained from blogging).

I have a phobia—self-diagnosed, but I’m almost flawless at that kind of stuff—about putting my writing into the world, which may strike you as odd, a guy who makes good money writing for a living being shy about his work.

Do you think I’m any easier on myself than I am to those around me? Reet, boner!

The feedback has been encouraging, and it is very much appreciated. Acclaim and riches are not in the immediate forecast. I’m afraid Alice will have to wait a while longer for her lakeside cottage. At least I don’t have to pay for extra bandwidth on my server.

Mostly, my reward has been a daily dose of relief. I click “Publish” and it’s done. I’ve said it and I can’t take it back. I’ve committed to the entire process of writing—the parts I love and the parts I dread.

I axed the metaphor I used at the end of the first draft. It was lame.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Father John Misty.

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    • I’m beginning to really regret not putting a link to “Maximum Wage” by MC Jelly Donut on one of my earliest entries. Somewhat scandalous and quite possible childish. Blog and learn, I suppose.

  1. Might as well ‘fess up: Long time reader, first time commenter. (Although I did make the effort to “like” a post or two.) I enjoy the hell out of this blog! Every post is just the right amount of words, it’s not nearly as fancy as the url lets on (a plus!) and I always read it in your voice, which makes it even better. Poker soon?