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The Fine Art and Profitability of Flittering.

To reach my favorite carrel in the world, I walk past the library’s music collection. One day, I saw this CD, The Bird & The Rifle by Lori McKenna. I never heard of her, but I tried it out based on the cover artwork alone.

Turns out she’s a smash-hit Nashville songwriter.

What a surprise! I love surprises. It’s why I don’t think before I speak — that way I surprise myself all day long. Sometimes it’s even the welcome kind of surprise.

Flittering is half my career, wandering around with eyes wide open, then writing like a son of a bitch. Copywriting is a good living. It’s also not a bad way to live.

Do you ever spend five minutes on a hunch? Any stories, recommendations? Share your jackpot in the comments below.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lori McKenna.

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