Year Toilet Dining Room Repair

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The Chronological Year of the Toilet

The picture above features the new hole in our dining room ceiling. It’s the second time in 12 months we’ve had to deal with a major plumbing leak.

When it rains, it pours.

Last April-May-June we remodeled the upstairs main bathroom. Thanks to some ultra-skilled contractors, our living room was turned into a convertible for about six weeks.

Year Toilet Living Room Repair

Water damage from our 2016 bathroom remodel. The hole was doubled in size before final repair.

Thankfully, Alice and Lance jumped into this new repair.

The only plumbing tool I am willing to use anymore is a checkbook. I lost all interest in personally solving plumbing problems after my brother and I tried to help my Dad fix his septic tank and field back in 1996.

How bad was it?

Exhuming a dachshund corpse was the least worst part.

Trevarrow Ace Hardware

If you live in the area, we highly recommend the Trevarrow Ace Hardware on Long Lake Road, just west of Livernois. They are the most helpful sons of guns around. Rick is the man. Plus, during the winter it’s wonderful to walk into a store and smell lawn fertilizer.


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