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Seafood Chiles Rellenos, Por Favor

This is how bad my dinner was last night — as I was scraping the uneaten portion of my seafood chiles rellenos into a styrofoam container, I realized that a coffin was also a “to go” box. 

I always wanted to try this restaurant, and considering the sour, streak-busted mood I was in and that Alice was attending class, I thought it would be a nice pick-me-up.

Message to future self: listen to the voice prophesying doom when looking at a restaurant menu. Trust your gut.

I actually packed out my dinner just to avoid talking to a manager about my dining experience (honestly, some conversations with customer service people are worse than breaking up with somebody). Besides, the menu clearly stated, “seafood,” which Krab is, by legal definition (as are krill and narwhal). Also, chiles rellenos are tasty as is, and I damn well deserved what I got for messing with a classic.

I will give this restaurant another try, however. The chips and salsa were very, very good.

Best Analogy I’ve Read This Year

From a Huffington Post article,  “Imitation Crab Isn’t Crab At All. So What Exactly Is It?” by Kate Bratskeir:

The red and white “crab stick” — often referred to as imitation crab — does indeed come from the sea. In Japanese, crab stick is called “surimi,” which actually means “ground meat.” It’s kind of the ocean’s version of the hot dog, if you need an analogy.


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