Mike Ilitch Billionaire Cover Photo

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Remembering Mike Ilitch, My Kind of Billionaire

When the television anchorman reported that Mike Ilitch had died, the entire waiting room gasped. That’s the mark of a civic icon. Visibly declining in health and 87 years old, yet people are still shocked by your passing.

We live in a time of billionaire worship, that great fortune equals great competency — in all matters, at every instance.

Yes, Mike Ilitch made alpine piles of money, cut splendid deals with the city, drank from the Stanley Cup. But you know what he didn’t do?

The man never puffed out his chest. I never saw him lecture anyone just because they had less money than him. He never lost faith in his home.

Mike Ilitch understood the value of a dollar, and knew it had nothing to do with someone’s worth — yours, mine or his own.

Little Caesars Ad Campaign

Back in the 90s, Little Caesars ran some great commercials. I think most of these spots are from Cliff Freeman and Partners. If not, sue me sue me.

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