I'm Going to the Bar Cover Art

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I’m Going to the Tavern on Main

Yes, the bar. And I must either crank out a quick post now or leave the Tavern on Main early to come home to blog.

Reet, boner. 

Swole Versus Flexi

At the gym today, two weight-lifting braughs screamed encouragements at each other as they took turns doing squats. EPIC! ¡UNO MAS! RIGHT ON! I thought this sort of thing went out of style in the 90s along with men’s Spandex gym shorts and being ashamed that your sex tape went public.

Screaming at the gym is not always inappropriate, however. My first day at LA Fitness, I saw an elderly gent touch his toes. In the locker room. Whilst naked. Yep, everything from Dot City to the far end of Cape Dangle.

Now you need a beer, too. GET SOME!

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