Dinner With a Relative From Way Out of Town

Dinner With a Relative From Way Out of Town

Tonight, Alice and I had dinner with our Aunt Keiko from California. She flew out to stay a few days with my mother- and father-in-law before joining Uncle Carl in Europe. We treated her to dinner and she gave us a nice box of chocolates.

I never expected to have an Auntie from Japan. Life continues to surprise me. That, too, is also a surprise. Or perhaps this is all early on-set dementia, which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Wife, Money, Tacos! A Personal Definition

Wife Money Tacos cover art

I like finding accidental definitions of my life.

One of the most apt summations is my “Favorites” call list on my phone. I have only three numbers starred — my wife, my main freelance client, and my go-to takeout restaurant.

“Wife! Money! Tacos!” It makes a superb rallying cry.

Perhaps having only three starred numbers is a sign of a small life, but in my defense, my dogs don’t have cell phones (yet).

Spotify playlists make for horrible self-assessments. My ears are shameless.