Worst Post So Far

Worst Post Harry Carey Cat Cover Art

When I started this blog, I felt deep down that something would come of it. Not riches, not fame. Something significant, however. And believe it or not, I think I found out what it is.

I’m so not telling you.

But I am going to write it, and maybe you’ll see pieces of it here.

Does It Have Something to Do With Cats?

No, that’s just a weird picture that cost me absolutely nothing to use.



You Like Posts About Grammar!

Posts About Grammar Chart Cover Art

Yesterday’s entry on the Oxford Comma was the most viewed post I’ve had in a while, which just goes to show I have no idea what people will like.

This is the 93rd post over 94 days, and I think I will end the commitment to daily posts after number 100. I’m not bored with the blog, but I don’t feel as if I’ve learned anything new over the last few weeks.

This was a writing experiment as well as a bit of exposure therapy for getting over my shyness of sending my work into the world. I’ll post some entries I promised to write or finish. I’ll also share some of what I’ve learned from this experience.

Fact: Posts With Subheads Rank Higher in Search Results

I will continue posting regularly, maybe twice a week. We’ll see.