Wife, Money, Tacos! A Personal Definition

Wife Money Tacos cover art

I like finding accidental definitions of my life.

One of the most apt summations is my “Favorites” call list on my phone. I have only three numbers starred — my wife, my main freelance client, and my go-to takeout restaurant.

“Wife! Money! Tacos!” It makes a superb rallying cry.

Perhaps having only three starred numbers is a sign of a small life, but in my defense, my dogs don’t have cell phones (yet).

Spotify playlists make for horrible self-assessments. My ears are shameless.

Advertising Prescription Medicine: Paging Dr. Spuds MacKenzie

Prescription Medicine Advertising Cover

Prescription medicine commercials are to today what beer ads were to the 90s. Spokespersons and mascots and analogies and magic. My love for them is double bathtub.

Gut_guy_ad_insetSalix Pharmaceuticals thought the “Gut Guy” was a good idea. Probably an entire conference room full of people bought off on it — in writing. It worked for Michelin Tires, didn’t it?

The Salix ad wizards even ran a Super Bowl commercial for Xifaxan in 2016.  Continue reading

Advertising Copywriting and Art Direction College Degrees

Copywriting Degree Cover Art.

The College for Creative Studies will be having an open house information session this Saturday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. for perspective students (additional sessions will be held March 25 and April 22). You can RSVP online for Saturday’s and the other upcoming events.

If you know someone who is looking for a career in writing, the CCS Advertising: Copywriting program Continue reading

Reading Versus Writing Versus Shame.

There is nothing worse than trying to force yourself to write when you have a book you really want to read. I could write a book about the subject, if only I didn’t have this book I really want to read.

Stringing together crapass sentences isn’t the essence of good writing, but showing up daily is. So, as awful as I feel putting this post into the world, it is a raging success in that regard. Or so I keep saying to myself on days like today.

Ugh. Just push “publish” and get it over with.